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TV / Computer RGB Back Light


39" RGB Color Changing Strip Plugs Directly into a USB Port and is Controlled by a Hand Held Remote. Eliminates the need for a wall socket.

LED Strip Length: 39" 
USB Cable Length: 36"
Mounting: 3M Adhesive Back
Cuttable: Yes. Every 1-1/4" on Cut-Marks. Cut off any excess strip light not needed. 
Waterproof: No
Power Consumption: 7.2W
Voltage: 5V

Easy Application
1. Cut as needed (on Cut Marks)
2. Peel back double-face adhesive back
3. Lay strip onto surface
4. Plug end into USB Port
5. Use hand-held remote to create desired lighting scene

Note: Clean surface of any dust or particles to ensure proper adhesion to surface
Warranty: 1 Year Limited*

*Does not include mishandling of product. Exposure to moisture