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Control Kit for RGB Luxor Bars

by Prism
SKU 8000-REM-RGB + PLG-RF-REM-RGB + 8000-CTRL-M4-5A M4-5A + PLG-CTRL-M45A + 8100-FC-M-2C-1ft + 8150-FC-F-4C-1ft

PrismUse this controller with our Luxor RGB Lighting.
Includes cabling and connectors to match with the RGB Luxor Bars

RF Remote is slim, lightweight and easy to carry while receiver is small and easy to install. Remote to Controller relationship carries frequency signal long distances and through obstructions. Independent ID make this product interference-free.

Hand Held Remote

Modes: Dimming, Speed adjustment, RGB Loop, Static Colors, RGB and Full Color Smooth
Working Voltage: 3V (Battery CR2032) Not Included
Remote Distance: 120 - 150 Feet
Strong Signal: Can Penetrate Walls
Dimensions: 4" x 2.25" x .38"
Mounting: Kit includes remote wall mount
Multiple Remotes: One receiver can be controlled by 10  of the same or different Hand Held Remotes


Power Input: 24VDC (Requires 24V Power Supply)
Max Load: 3A x 3CH
Max Output Load: 108W (12V), 216W (24V)
Dimensions: 5.31" x 1.18" x .78"

Power Supplies with proprietary cabling and connectors (Required to Power RGB Luxor Controller)