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by Prism
SKU 4400-LUX-9W24V-65K-3LED

The G2 Luxor Hi-Power LED Light Strips are the perfect lighting solution for backlight graphics.  Using precision optical lenses, the Luxor LED Light controls the beam exactly where it has to be, producing a bright white light evenly distributed throughout the graphic area. No need to fill the back panel with lights, as Luxor LED Lights are so efficient, horizontal strips at top and bottom is all that’s needed.  

Input Voltage (V): 24VDC
Power Consumption (W): 9 Watts (3 Light), 15 Watts (5 Light)
Material: Aluminum PCB Base Plate
Measurements: 14 3/8” x 7/8” x 0.079”
Color Temperature (K): 6500K
Beam Angle: Dual Optic Beam Angle 15°x 50°
Luminous Flux (LM): 900LM (3 Light) 1500LM (5 Light)
Connections: Prism’s Signature FC Male and Female Connectors
Power: 24V Power Supply (Not Included)

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