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LLP (LED Light Panel)


LLP (LED Light Panel) has revolutionized retail and architectural lighting. This frameless, edge-lit LED light panel produces a bright, even light across its entire surface. It can be ordered in any shape, size, and color and can be put virtually anywhere. The applications are endless.

Shape: LLP can be cut into complex designs
Size: Panels are available in any size up to 118″ (3000 mm) in length and 59″ (1500 mm) in width. 5/16" (8 mm) Thick
Tile-able: For larger applications, tile LLP panels side by side
Color: LLP is available in a variety of color temperatures: 3000k, 3500k, 4100k, 5300k, 6300k and RGB
Variable White: CCT LLP can be tuned to emit white light between 2700k ~ 6500k

Pricing: Please contact us as this product is built to order.




The Technology
 Embedded LEDs

Only LLP has LEDs that are embedded inside the panel.

This patent means that we don’t need to hold our LEDs inside a frame, like our competitors do. Without a frame, we can create LED panels in virtually any shape. We can even bend LED panels.

Heat Sink

While cool to the touch, LEDs collect heat internally. Unless this heat is released, it can cause the LEDs to change color. Panels may then look inconsistent.

Our patented heat sink shifts heat away from the LED panel better than competitors’ versions. This is because only LLP heat sink is placed behind the LED panel, instead of in a frame surrounding it. The result is a longer-lasting, more consistent light.

3D V-Cutting

V-cutting is a patented process that gives LLP the grid look it’s known for. It creates an evenly lit panel from the edges to the center and lets us produce large panels.

How it works: a light is embedded into the sides of an acrylic panel. Grooves are then etched across the acrylic, connecting the light from one end of the panel to the other. They are widely spaced when close to the light source, and narrowly spaced when farther away. The placement of these grooves is different for every panel.