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LED Horizontal Wall Pack


The Cyber LED wall pack is ideal for any outdoor areas where down light and flood light is crucial. This will illuminate the immediate area in front and underneath it Available in 45, 70, and 135 watts, this efficient LED fixture will provide years of bright, widespread lighting with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. Boost your energy savings with this outdoor floodlight fixture! Applications include perimeter lighting, landscape lighting, public area floodlights, and security lighting, and lighting for building entry ways.

Input Voltage: 120VAC - 277VAC
Wattage: 45, 70 or 135
Lumens: 5300 (45W), 8100 (70W), 16,400 (135W)
Color Temperature: 5000k (Pure White)
CRI: >70
Finish: Dark Bronze
Construction: Aluminum Rust-proof Body
Mounting: Built-in Heavy Duty Y-Hangers with a 3 Foot Hanging Chain
Dimmable: Yes down to 10%. 0-10V
- 45W: 14.21" Wide  x 9.25" Tall x 7.40" 
- 70W: 14.21" Wide  x 9.25" Tall x 7.40" 
- 135W: 18" Wide  x 9.75" Tall x 8.75" 

Life Span: 50,000 hours of continuous light output
Rated: UL, Outdoor
Warranty: 5 Year Factory