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Envision LED 6" Smooth Down Light


The new EnVision architectural retrofit downlight surpasses other recessed lights on the market. With a depth of 1.5 inches the downlight is focused on decreasing glare and achieving full performance from the LED’s. At 1100 Lumens, CRI >90, and fully dimmable, you have plenty of light when desired. The light turns on instantly, and is not affected by frequent on/off switching.

Wattage: 15 Watts (Replaces 120 Watt Incandescent)
Lumens: 1100
Color Temperatures Available: 3000K (warm white), 4000k (cool white), 5000k (pure white)
Beam Spread: 120°
Dimmable: 100% - 5% using basic LED dimmer (sold separate)
Input Voltage: 120V
CRI: 90 (Colors viewed under this light is truer than those of low CRI)
Rated Life: 35,000
Dimmable: Yes
Plug: Compatible with Existing Incandescent Housings or LED Housings

6" New Construction LED Housing
6" Remodel LED Housing

 Compatible Dimmer Switches
Leviton Lutron
Part Number / Wattage Part Number / Wattage
6683 / 600W DV-600P / 600W
6673-P / 600W MA-600 / 600W
IP-106 / 600W DV-603PG / 600W