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Chasing LED Tape Light Kit


Kit Includes: Plug and Play 5 Meter RGB Chasing LED Tape Light, Plug and Play 12VDC Power Supply with 14 Button RF Hand Held Controller and Receiver.

LED Tape Specifications
LED Strip: 5 Meters Long x 3/8" wide
LED Chip: High Output 5050
Cuttable: Every 4"
Chips per 4" Segment: RGB (3),
Backing: 3M Double-Face Tape
Watts Per Foot: 2.2
Lumens per foot: 220
Join: Yes Join Multiple Rolls simply by adding another reel of LED Chasing Light and Power Supply (The two loose red and white wire connect to the next power supply)

Power Supply Specifications
100 - 240VAC
Output: 12VDC / 60 Watts
Power Cord: 3-Wire Cord and Plug Set, 4 Feet Long
Secondary Side: DC Plug with 6 Foot Cord

LED Hand-Held Controller Specifications
 358 modes, Adjustable Brightness, Adjustable Speed, RGB Jump, RGB and Single Color Chase, Sold Static Colors Include: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Yellow, and White. Adjust Pixel Points.

Kit Packaging: Corrugated Carton

Sync Hand-Held Remote to Receiver Instructions