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5 Light / 14.5" LED Perimeter Lighting

by Insem

Use these LED strips to effectively illuminate Single and Double-Sided Light boxes and Fabric Frames. Depending on the structure size, these Perimeter Lights can be mounted along two or all four sides in depths as minimal as 4". We offer 3 lengths to fit into many frame sizes.

Dimensions: 1" wide x 1/2" high x 14.5" long
Wattage: 13.5
Lumens: 1020
Voltage: 24VDC
Mounting: Screw to structure, each strips has 3/16" Ø holes, Velcro or Double-face Tape
Connection: 6" Leads with Sturdy Molex Plugs allows connection of multiple strips
Plug and Play: Utilize our Power Feed and Splitters for a True Plug and Play Experience


Power Feed Required. Feed Power from Power Supply to Perimeter Lighting

Power Supplies
90 Watt Plug and Play Power Supply. Can support up to 5 - 14.5" Strips