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Envision LED 6" Square Down Light


The EnVision 6" square retrofit downlight surpasses most other recessed lights on the market. It has an aluminum heatsink for efficient heat dissipation, and a state of the art LED driver which gives it excellent dimming performance. At 1200 Lumens, and fully dimmable, you have plenty of light when desired. The light turns on instantly, and is not affected by frequent on/off switching.

Wattage: 16.5 Watts (Replaces 120 Watt Incandescent)
Lumens: 1200
Color Temperatures Available: 3000K (warm white) or 5000k (pure white)
Beam Spread: 120°
Dimmable: 100% - 5% using basic LED dimmer (sold separate)
Input Voltage: 120V
CRI: 90 (Colors viewed under this light is truer than those of low CRI)
Rated Life: 35,000
Dimmable: Yes
Plug: Compatible with Existing Incandescent Housings or LED Housings

6" New Construction LED Housing
6" Remodel LED Housing

 Compatible Dimmer Switches
Leviton Lutron
Part Number / Wattage Part Number / Wattage
6683 / 600W DV-600P / 600W
6673-P / 600W MA-600 / 600W
IP-106 / 600W DV-603PG / 600W